• "customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."?

    - Mahatma Gandhi -


    Mastery of the craft of screen printing has been the guiding principal of Screenline.

    From humble beginnings, Screenline today has evolved to become Sri Lanka’s largest screen printer and embellisher. This has been achieved through an unrelenting focus on the art and science of screen printing and emphasis on customer service.

    Today, Screenline provides printing and embellishment services to a wide range of globally renowned brands, working in close collaboration with world class apparel exporters based in Sri Lanka, and more recently in India and Bangladesh.

    Our success is a result of continual emphasis on research & development, technology, design, quality and customer service. We are the first Sri Lankan embellisher to be awarded a patent for a screen printing innovation and have several more patents pending.

    Today Screenline owns 5 manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and one each in India and Bangladesh. We have plans to further expand in these markets and also venture into Vietnam by 2015.

    As we grow our business in Sri Lanka and elsewhere, Screenline will stay true to the core value that has contributed to our success: building long standing relationships with our apparel manufacturing and brand partners by providing them with innovative embellishment solutions.


    Screenline is a design-driven screen printing and embellishment solutions provider. Our mission is to add value to apparel and textile products enabling our customers to offer fashionable and innovative branded product lines.


    To be the Go-To Partner for the world’s leading brands & retailers in developing creative and sustainable innovations in screen printing and embellishments.

    The Screenline philosophy of customer-centric innovations and flexibility has served us well in acquiring and sustaining a prestigious portfolio of customers.

    Screenline offers a full service solution: taking an idea from concept to launch Commitment to best practices in quality control, consistency, health and safety, efficiency and sustainability has made us the preferred embellisher for prestigious manufacturers of branded apparel.

    Though creativity runs through the veins of Screenline, the Company has placed great importance to systems and processes that support finance, procurement and other back-end operations. These are designed to optimize resource usage and create time and cost savings for both Screenline and our customers.

    Screenline is a people oriented company. The Company takes an active interest in the wellbeing of a workforce numbering close to 2000. A continuous effort to ensure that each associate maintains a healthy work-life balance has fostered an autonomous work culture, thereby promoting a solutions-oriented work ethic.


  • 2014
  • Expansion plans for Vietnam
  • 2012
  • Nike Program for UEFA World Cup 2012
  • Design & Development Center
  • 2009
  • Opens 'Flagship' printing & embellishment Facility in Kandy
  • Opens factories in India & Bangladesh
  • 2002
  • Victoria's Secret introduces Pink Brand
  • 2013
  • Introduces N-Soft ERP System
  • 2010
  • Nike Program for FIFA World Cup 2010
  • 2005
  • Starts printing for Pink Brand
  • 1997
  • Incorporation of Company
  • Producing over 7.5Mpcs of screen prints and embellishments per month
  • Total of 9 manufacturing facilities
  • Overseas expansion from Sri Lanka to India and Bangladesh and soon to Vietnam

    Since the founding of Screenline in 1997, its Chairman and Managing Director, Nishantha Kumara Bakmeege, has guided the company to become Sri Lanka’s largest embellisher today. His passion for artistry combined with remarkable technical prowess and mastery of screen printing has without doubt been the cornerstone of Screenline's success.

    His journey, with very little capital to start with, was a challenging one, having to deal with competitors who were better connected and funded. It was Nishantha’s sheer dedication and an unrelenting pursuit of innovation that culminated in Screenline surpassing its competitors to secure its current leadership position as the 'preferred printing solutions provider' among leading manufacturers and brands.

    Nishantha is dedicated to raising the bar in screen printing and embellishments through greater investments in R&D and innovation and further streamlining processes. This led to Nishantha being awarded a patent for an innovation in multi station screen printing.

    Having set his targets to penetrate further into the Sri Lankan market and regional markets with a strong apparel manufacturing base, Nishantha is confident that Screenline will evolve as a global player leading the way in embellishing solutions to the world’s top brands.

    Art has always been second nature to me. Even as a child I would spend a lot of time drawing anything that sprang to mind. This is where I first learned to express my creativity.

    In my youth, I was employed as a printing helper and learned the basics of printing. Back then, printing was considered a blue-collar job and no one was particularly fond of getting their hands dirty. Today I realize that working as a helper has allowed me to understand my business better than anyone else and this has provided a competitive edge to Screenline.

    As an artist and an entrepreneur, I take pride in the aesthetic value we add to clothing at Screenline and growing the Company to be among the best in the world in embellishing. The 23 years of experience in the industry and 17 years as the head of my company, I have been able to accumulated sufficient knowledge to secure two global patents for screen printing.

    My greatest asset is the talented workforce at Screenline who share my passion for the art and science of screen printing. The future is bright for Screenline as I reflect on the vast opportunities before the Group to grow our partnerships with global brands and world class apparel manufacturers enabling them to offer fashionable and innovative product lines to consumers.


  • Screenline has received many awards and accolades over the years in recognition of the Group’s achievements in the printing and embellishing industry. These have included:

    • 2006: Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year, National Silver Award and Provincial Silver Award to Chairman, Screenline
    • 2007: Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year, National Silver Award and Provincial Silver Award to Chairman, Screenline
    • 2007: Brandix Award – Best Apparel Service Provider
    • 2007: National Export Chamber Silver Award for Extra Large Category
    • 2011: Brandix Award – Best Service Partner
    • 2012: Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year, National Merit Award Extra Large Category and Provincial Bronze Award, Extra Large Category, Western Province

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