Screenline is an OEKO-TEX® certified company. The internationally recognized OEKO-TEX® label indicates that all material used are safety-tested for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles.


    We do water extraction method and vapour extraction method to determine formaldehyde content on prints and solid raw materials. We have in-house facilities to carry out these tests.


    Screenline adopts a quality assurance process that has resulted in rejection rates far lower than industry norms.


    Screenline adopts global best practices in health and safety and strictly enforces practices of equal opportunity employment and labour standards. Screenline has negligible employee turnover. Screenline is a member of Sedex - an organization dedicated to driving improvement in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

    Screenline adheres to the strictest of environmental and sustainability standards. For example:

    • Recycling all waste water through own treatment plants adopting processes certified by the Central Environmental Authority
    • Replacing dangerous thinners and solvents with a product that is citrus-based and completely safe for body contact and disposal
    • Plastic ink waste is processed with other solvent wastes and sold as a byproduct to make road tar - an alternative to landfills
    • Researching 100% organic plant based, ink preservation, and ink recycling
    • 100% Phthalate Free processes
    • Participating in energy audits together with our utility companies.
    • Green factory designs and tracking energy consumption and costs
    • Planting and placing plants in and around the manufacturing facilities
    • Treated water reused for watering our gardens

    We actively participate and engage in the communities that we operate in.

    Some of activities carried on regular basis:

    • Food drive for families in need of assistance
    • Donations and active participation to in local festivities
    • Blood donation drives
    • Donations of equipment & medicines to hospitals and retirement homes
    • Donation of books & uniforms to local schools

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